Work With Us


what we are building…

The Elephantine Bakery is an artisan bakeshop where everything is made with great care and extraordinary attention to detail. We exist to thrill and delight our community, and our belief is that the joy that can be felt by our customers starts in our kitchen. We are building an intentional experience in which every dimension—from the decor to the display to the food we craft and the ingredients we use—comes together to create a magical, enriching experience for all who interact with the bakery.


who succeeds here…

If you love a challenge, love a laugh, love a riddle, love an opportunity, love working hard and having fun at the same time, you will thrive at The Elephantine Bakery. We value passionate, meticulous, driven people. Our team includes artists and athletes, photographers and gardeners, writers and painters. All share a common trait—a deeply held desire to grow, create, and learn.


what we are looking for…

We are hiring remarkable individuals to join our small, family-like team. We have plenty of fun, and perks include regular on-site massages, smoothie Saturdays, team outings, and more. If you feel connected to what we are doing, please say hello and introduce yourself, or apply below. No formal experience or training required.

Counter Person/ Barista

Description: Front of House work at Elephantine Bakery entails, most straightforwardly, serving customers food and coffee. At a more fundamental level, this work balances the soft skills of welcoming guests and nurturing a sense of community, with more technical ones, including moving quickly, working efficiently, multitasking, and thinking ahead. This work is vital to our mission at the Elephantine—our counter team is responsible for creating our atmosphere, reflecting our cultural values and making every guest interaction as positive and memorable as possible.


Description: Working in a small team, our bakers manage the production of a suite of scratch made pastries and breads. We also make all of our creams, fillings, and glazes in-house. We use time-honored artisanal techniques, primarily in the French tradition, to craft our breads and croissants. Baking work straddles two programs: yeasted products, including breads/viennoiseries, and sweets. We are looking for dynamic people to slot into our existing program and to help expand our offering to new frontiers as well. This work is best done by detail-oriented, quick-thinking, highly observant people who are passionate about process and technique.